Great Brook Condominium

Irrigation Restriction

The Great Brook water system currently has an Odd/Even irrigation restriction. Outside Water use is restricted to the hours of 5am to 8am and 5pm to 8pm on odd or even days, depending on your house number:

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Community Updates

Community Yard Sale

There will be a Community Wide Yard Sale on Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 8am to 2pm, with a rain date of Sunday, September 17. An ad will be placed in the Telegraph and Cabinet advertising the event. All residents may participate. Set up should be in your individual driveways or along Great Brook Road and any unsold items should be removed from the common area immediately following the yard sale and stored within the confines of your unit. *Residents will be responsible for the posting and removal of signage for the event within and outside of the community.

Septic Systems

Reminder to all residents. This property does not have access to a municipal sewer system. Keeping this in mind please be mindful of what items go down the plumbing waste lines (kitchen sink, toilets etc.) At this time one leach field has failed and another is beginning to show signs of failing. Leach fields are costly to replace and due to the new Department of Environmental Services (DES) requirements are time intensive which relates to a costly and more involved installation. This can place an undue financial burden upon all residents.

Baby wipes (even those labeled safe for septic systems), cooking grease or oils, vegetables, coffee grounds, and any type of harsh chemical cleaners are small samples of items not to be disposed of down the drain.


There has been several issues with parking at Great Brook community. Please make sure that vehicles are not parked on the grass areas, this includes the edges of the roadways.

Landscaping Notes

We are pleased to welcome back Morin’s Landscaping to maintain the landscaped areas of the property. Morin’s is on a weekly mowing schedule. They have started the pruning of the bushes and shrubs.

Roof Replacements & Reserve Funding

The Board has approved the replacement of the roofs at 5-6; 27-28; 36 & 50 garage roofs; 73-74 Great Brook Rd this season at a cost of $58,924. Two units are having complete roofs replaced. One unit is a replacement of the main back roof. Two units are the replacement of complete roofs over the garage. The project was awarded to Gionet’s Home Improvement. We are able to fund roof replacements as priority dictates due to Operating cost savings that have been redirected to Reserve Funding which pays for capital replacements. (Capital replacements are such components as building structures, roofs, siding, paving, septic systems, pool, tennis courts etc.) Under new Management & Board of Directors, we have increased Reserve Funding from $50,000 per year to $125,000 per year without a condo fee increase. We appreciate the community support we have received while “catching up” with the needs of the property.


We are planning to paint five more buildings this summer: 5-6; 23-24; 27-28; 39-40; 63-64. Remaining buildings will receive rot repair & touch up painting. Additional buildings will be painted later in the summer if the budget allows.


Pet Reminder

Please remember to pick up after your pet promptly and consistently. Also, never tether your pet outside. Pets must always be on a leash and under the control of a responsible adult. Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool.

Email Addresses

If you have not yet done so, please provide your email address by emailing Brian Egan along with with your name and address to